Freitag, 20. August 2021

Mittwoch, 7. Juli 2021

Digital Scrapbooking Studio - Next Designer 2021 / Winner Announcement!

Cindy Art & Life Scraps with her amazing Collection "Failure" is the winner of this year's contest. Congrats Cindy! I ended up in fifth place, but I'm not sad that I didn't win, but happy to have been among the 5 finalists. 

Thanks to everyone who voted for me and purchased my collection Fruit Party. 💜

Donnerstag, 1. Juli 2021

Digital Scrapbooking Studio - Next Designer 2021 / The final Five

I am so happy that I made it to the final round! I am among the last five and my collection and the collections of the four other finalists will now be sold from July 1, 12 noon to July 6, 12 noon Eastern in the shop. Thanks to all who voted for my collection "Fruit Party"! It can be purchased here.

Dienstag, 29. Juni 2021

Digital Scrapbooking Studio - Next Designer 2021 / Surprise Twist

Surprise! Surprise! On Saturday there was a surprising twist! We got additional tasks!

There was a newsletter ad to create as well as a preview for the page kit and collection. The newsletter ad will be in the studio newsletter announcing the final five. They will be allowed to sell their collections in the shop. 

This is the preview of my collection. If you like my creation I would be very happy to get your vote. You can vote here. Thank you! Voting ends at 6:00 am Eastern on Thursday, July 1, 2021.

The winners will be announced on Thursday July 1st.

Digital Scrapbooking Studio - Next Designer 2021 / Round 4

The last round!

The challenge in this round was to create a new add-on pack. We could choose between Clusters, Arty Clusters / Mixed Media Stamps, Border Clusters, Journal Cards and Quickpages. 

I created clusters:

 Here you can find the previews of my competitors.

Mittwoch, 23. Juni 2021

Digital Scrapbooking Studio - Next Designer 2021 / Round 3

Round 3 was the elements round. We had to create a minimum of 40 and a maximum of 80 elements with preview. In addition, an add-on pack plus preview had to be created. I chose word strips.

This is my elements preview:

 and here is my word strips preview:


The previews of the other participants can be seen here.

The 4th and last round starts on June 24.

Mittwoch, 16. Juni 2021

Digital Scrapbooking Studio - Next Designer 2021 / Round 2

The challenge in round 2 was to create papers with the associated previews.

  • 12 patterned papers
  • 2 x 6 extra papers from the following paper types: Ombre (gradient) solids, watercolor solids, lightly patterned papers, polka dot papers, embossed solids. 

Here are my paper previews:

Patterned papers:

Extra papers (I created 6 polka dot papers and 6 embossed solids):

You can view the papers of the other participants here.

Round 3 starts on June 17.

Dienstag, 8. Juni 2021

Digital Scrapbooking Studio - Next Designer 2021 / Round 1

This was the challenge of the first round:

- Create a theme and a name for your collection

- Choose a color palette

- Write a "Romance Text"

- Create a mood board

- Create coordinated packaging.

 🌞 - 🍇🍈🍉🍊🍋🍌🍍🍎🍏🍐🍑🍒🍓 - 🌞

Summer is coming and what could be more refreshing than fresh juicy fruit? And after the fading of Corona, everyone is in the mood for a party, right? What could be better than a fruit party? So the idea of my collection was born: Fruit Party ...that's it. 

Here is the collection packaging I created:

Take a look at the different designs of my competitors here in the ND 2021 gallery too.

Round 2 starts on June 10.